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Traveling the world; seeing new views, smelling new scents, meeting people with a completely different background from yourself, that is - to me - what gives life meaning. I travel with all my senses open and I try to document moments in places with my camera - i call it wanderlust. I am passionate about photography as well as traveling and when I am not out wandering the world I stay inspired by studying, and documenting, design in my close environment. Apart from photography I use my creativity in the fields of fashion, interior design and all kinds of crafts.

This is a blog where I post a variety of things within my interest fields. Stay tuned!

Photo composition

29 Sep 2017

It's all about light and composition, really. Those two are the main things to learn when beginning to take photographs. The rest is basically camera settings and potential after-work. The best photographers are the ones who understand composition so I thought it would be a good idea to share a video that helped me a lot on this topic when I started out.