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Traveling the world; seeing new views, smelling new scents, meeting people with a completely different background from yourself, that is - to me - what gives life meaning. I travel with all my senses open and I try to document moments in places with my camera - i call it wanderlust. I am passionate about photography as well as traveling and when I am not out wandering the world I stay inspired by studying, and documenting, design in my close environment. Apart from photography I use my creativity in the fields of fashion, interior design and all kinds of crafts.

This is a blog where I post a variety of things within my interest fields. Stay tuned!

Do You Have a Backpack for Your Travels?

30 Mar 2024

Yes, packing for travel is seemingly simple, yet it's a science with rules every avid traveler must swear by. And while there are travel handbags and suitcases, backpacks have been a staple for travelers since their inception (that must have been centuries ago).

It Is a Travel Backpack and Nothing Else

A travel backpack is not the small hiking bag you see most travelers carrying. What is the difference then? If you're going on an international trip, you want a true travel backpack. Using a hiking backpack for such a trip is doing the job with the wrong tool. A travel backpack should accommodate most of if not all, your essentials. It is carry-on-sized. Travel backpacks are designed to be used as luggage and carried worldwide.

How to Choose Your Travel Backpack

Just because it is a travel backpack doesn't mean it is a reliable expedition companion. That is where factors such as style, durability, color, size, and quality come in. If you're looking for a suitable travel backpack, then, a premier store, is a good place to start. As its name suggests, the store offers a wide range of retro-style bags, allowing users to add a unique touch to their travel. The bags are made from durable material, made to last, and are sturdy enough to cope with heavier loads.

Does the backpack have enough pockets and compartments to allow for maximum organization? This is a question you want to be answered positively. Plus, the multiple pockets afford you extra space for all the items you want to carry.

Packing hacks

9 Dec 2019

I travel a lot and have realised how I hate carrying around to much stuff, so the key to packing for me is to pack as little as possible. And to pack smart. It is not easy to go about the whole packing situation, especially in the beginning of your traveling career, but as you travel more and more you start to realise that there are a lot of things that don't really have to coma along. I think the girl in this clip has many good ideas.

Take better sports photos

22 Sep 2019

Photographing different sports requires a good camera and a know how. That's because people are constantly moving. Like in football, nobody stands still, like ever. It is important to know what to do. Thought I should share some tips on how to take good sports pictures. And one other thing, regarding sport, check out scorers in the Premier League if betting is your thing. By using an unconventional composition and the right camera settings, you can get even better pictures of sports. So here's a bunch of tips

Good tips for taking good pictures of sports

Increase speed

Set the camera to handle high speeds before starting. Select continuous autofocus (AF-C or AI Servo) and set the camera to shoot continuous shots at high speed.

Keep the camera tilted

You can often get a more dynamic and interesting composition that screams of action if you angle the camera slightly so that the horizon line doesn't get quite straight.

Move the camera down

Many professional sports photographers sit down as they photograph the matches. It is not only because it is convenient, but also because the pictures get better when the camera is low positioned. This way you can better isolate the practitioners from the ground, and you get a more dramatic angle.

Select the correct program

Aperture priority, also called A or Off, often works best, because then you can also control the shutter speed by adjusting the aperture. Use Auto-ISO or manually adjust ISO to get an acceptable shutter speed.

Passion for blankets

9 Aug 2019

I have a ridiculous passion for blankets. And a huge collection... it's my guilty pleasure. It is a bit odd, I know, but I can't help it. They serve for two main purposes - aesthetic and comfort. I love it when those two can be combined.

During the summer months, when there is no use for blankets, my home looks and feels so empty (yeah, I put them away) and it is always such a nice feeling when autun comes and I get to take them out again.

I can change the interior quite a bit just by changing the blankets, it's, just as cushions, such a handy design tool.

Snow season

12 Nov 2018

White beaches, palm trees and waters of all green and blue shades available to the human eye, sure, that's a very pretty view. I also adore mountains, green hills, flowery fields and even village sceneries. There are so many different kinds of landscapes to enjoy and take pictures of, but my favourite kind is the snowy one. Snow is magical to me and every winter since forever I spend a few weeks in a snowy landscape, skiing, drinking beer and taking photos.

New gear

This year will be no exception and I am already planning. It is time to update my ski wardobe, top priority is new ski boots, but how to choose ski boots? There are so many factors to take into account and style is definately one of them. I love feeling attractive in the hills, they're my happy place in many ways.

Of course I am also evaluating where I want to go this year. I have been to the Alpes countless times and they are astonishing! I am curious about Eastern Europe though, I've heard Bulgaria has some great slopes. But no, I don't really know yet... Freeride is my most visited site at the moment - information and inspiration. I am not going until early February anyways.

I will be traveling with two of my best friends this time, at least that's settled. Thing is that they are new to skiing so I have the honor of choosing and deciding everything - for all three of us. Quite a challenge - but a fun one!

Photo composition

9 Sep 2018

It's all about light and composition, really. Those two are the main things to learn when beginning to take photographs. The rest is basically camera settings and potential after-work. The best photographers are the ones who understand composition so I thought it would be a good idea to share a video that helped me a lot on this topic when I started out.

Curiosity killed the cat they said

10 Jun 2018

The same kind of curiosity also gave me something to remember for life. I must start from a few years back. I was in Sweden taking photos of their beautiful capitol, Stockholm, where I met this boy. Stefan was his name and I fell for him directly. There was just one thing about him that I had a hard time coping with. He used something called snus. It is a kind of tobacco that you put under you upper lip and the smell is kind of sweet and sour at the same time. Kissing someone using it is... an experience if I may say so. After one kiss I made him promise not to have one in his mouth the following times he wanted a snug!

He came to visit

A few months back he came here for a visit. And Stefan being Stefan he sure did bring his beloved snus with him. He did however stay a few days longer than planned so the box was sarting to become empty which was a huge problem for him. I did what any girl would do. I searched the internet for him. I wrote snus in the search engine, which is called スヌース in Japan if you like unnecessary information. And we got a hit! Now we could order some snus for him. That made him happy. And my curiosity? Yeah I tried it... I put one of those bags under my lip. It burned the inside of my mouth, I puked like crazy and he just laughed and said "That happens to everyone the first time!"