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Curiosity killed the cat they said

The same kind of curiosity also gave me something to remember for life. I must start from a few years back. I was in Sweden taking photos of their beautiful capitol, Stockholm, where I met this boy. Stefan was his name and I fell for him directly. There was just one thing about him that I had a hard time coping with. He used something called snus. It is a kind of tobacco that you put under you upper lip and the smell is kind of sweet and sour at the same time. Kissing someone using it is... an experience if I may say so. After one kiss I made him promise not to have one in his mouth the following times he wanted a snug!

He came to visit

A few months back he came here for a visit. And Stefan being Stefan he sure did bring his beloved snus with him. He did however stay a few days longer than planned so the box was sarting to become empty which was a huge problem for him. I did what any girl would do. I searched the internet for him. I wrote snus in the search engine, which is called スヌース in Japan if you like unnecessary information. And we got a hit! Now we could order some snus for him. That made him happy. And my curiosity? Yeah I tried it... I put one of those bags under my lip. It burned the inside of my mouth, I puked like crazy and he just laughed and said "That happens to everyone the first time!"  

10 Jun 2018