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Snow season

White beaches, palm trees and waters of all green and blue shades available to the human eye, sure, that's a very pretty view. I also adore mountains, green hills, flowery fields and even village sceneries. There are so many different kinds of landscapes to enjoy and take pictures of, but my favourite kind is the snowy one. Snow is magical to me and every winter since forever I spend a few weeks in a snowy landscape, skiing, drinking beer and taking photos.

New gear

This year will be no exception and I am already planning. It is time to update my ski wardobe, top priority is new ski boots, but how to choose ski boots? There are so many factors to take into account and style is definately one of them. I love feeling attractive in the hills, they're my happy place in many ways.

Of course I am also evaluating where I want to go this year. I have been to the Alpes countless times and they are astonishing! I am curious about Eastern Europe though, I've heard Bulgaria has some great slopes. But no, I don't really know yet... Freeride is my most visited site at the moment - information and inspiration. I am not going until early February anyways.

I will be traveling with two of my best friends this time, at least that's settled. Thing is that they are new to skiing so I have the honor of choosing and deciding everything - for all three of us. Quite a challenge - but a fun one!

12 Nov 2018