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Take better sports photos

Photographing different sports requires a good camera and a know how. That's because people are constantly moving. Like in football, nobody stands still, like ever. It is important to know what to do. Thought I should share some tips on how to take good sports pictures. And one other thing, regarding sport, check out scorers in the Premier League if betting is your thing. By using an unconventional composition and the right camera settings, you can get even better pictures of sports. So here's a bunch of tips

Good tips for taking good pictures of sports

Increase speed

Set the camera to handle high speeds before starting. Select continuous autofocus (AF-C or AI Servo) and set the camera to shoot continuous shots at high speed.

Keep the camera tilted

You can often get a more dynamic and interesting composition that screams of action if you angle the camera slightly so that the horizon line doesn't get quite straight.

Move the camera down

Many professional sports photographers sit down as they photograph the matches. It is not only because it is convenient, but also because the pictures get better when the camera is low positioned. This way you can better isolate the practitioners from the ground, and you get a more dramatic angle.

Select the correct program

Aperture priority, also called A or Off, often works best, because then you can also control the shutter speed by adjusting the aperture. Use Auto-ISO or manually adjust ISO to get an acceptable shutter speed.

22 Sep 2019